Trip program:

The departure from Riga is early in the morning.

The arrival to Medieval court “Niedru Lija”.

In only hundred meters from the Yaunspilsky casrle which earlier was called Neuenburg, there is the Swedish wall. Legend has that the wall was built by swedish prisoners, after battle of Kircholm (today - Salaspils) in 1605, by baron Matias von der Recke. Medieval court "Niedru lija" is situated near by Jaunpils medieval castle, in territory, surrounded by "Swedish wall", which offers different activities in medieval style for all people:

  • crossbow shooting, which is the exact copy of a medieval arbalest of the 14th century
  • the throwing of spears and axes, copies of the German fighting axes of 13 century
  • pushing cannot shot
  • forging of nails and horseshoeing.
  • stamping of medieval coins, the exact copy of shilling of 1549 which was minted in Riga by the master of the Livonian award Johann von der Recke, and the copy of shilling of 1551 which was in common minted by the Riga archbishop Wilhelm von Brandenburg and the master of the Livonian warrant Johann von der Recke
  • firing from the Swedish fortress gun
  • fitting of a medieval knightly armor and weapon

It is an excellent opportunity to test themselves, the force and dexterity, to feel the real hero of the Middle Ages.

Then, we go to the castle of Neuenburg – Jaunpils.

The Knights’ Castle at Jaunpils surprises visitors with its might. Jaunpils castle was built in 1301 as Livonia Order fortress, surrounded by water from three sides. Initially inhabited by small groups of knights, later the castle was reconstructed, the large defensive tower was raised, and the upper stories. In 1576, the castle was acquired by Thies von der Recke from the Recke Dynasty, which went on to own the castle for almost 350 years.

Lunch is in a medieval pub.

In one of the oldest section of the castle, under the vaults of the knights’ dining room, the Medieval Pub is located when to the sounds of early music, and in the light of candles you can have the opportunity to enjoy tasty meals. The pub has long been known for its medieval meals. The food served at such feasts can be enjoyed with both wooden spoons or with hands.

After a lunch you are waited by an excursion on the castle.

The oldest section of the living quarters houses Jaunpils Museum, which contains information about the castle and its owners, and about Jaunpils Region and the local inhabitants. A secret stairway connects the knight’s cellar with the landlord’s office and exhibition hall, where local artists and craftsmen display their works on a regular basis. Really to feel the medieval atmosphere of the castle, for all guests young and old the museum offers programs with the dramatized elements, medieval heroes, with involvement in action.

At your choice there is a small informative excursion with the guide or with medieval characters - the monk brother Theodor, the key keeper of the castle and others.

The departure to Riga is in the evening.

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