Trip program:

The departure from Riga is in the morning.

 Arrival to Jaunpils. The Jaunpils castle is one of the most rare castles of the Middle Ages, perfectly kept initial look. Here everywhere special romanticism and customs of ancient time is notable...

jaunpils3          jaunpils2

Survey informative walks take place in the yard of the castle, in a tower and in a wine cellar. At the end of the done way the shot from the ancient Swedish gun is made for guests of the lock, for their courage.

cinevilla          cinevilla2

Lunch in the Jaunpils castle is for "little monks":
(meal with hands or wooden spoons) ~2 h

- the chicken ham baked in the castle furnace
- boiled little – sausages
- boiled peas
- - Baked potatoes in their skins
- sour cream with greens
- fresh and pickled cucumbers
- big Easter cake with sunflower seeds
As a dessert:
- fruit drink
- apples from a castle garden
- medieval cookies

Then we go to the unique place in Latvia - Sinevilla Studio backlot. Here you are waited by the only large-scale film scenery under the open sky in the Baltic States and the largest in Northern Europe. Here you will be able to feel the real actor, to try on the image of a popular character of the past and to become the witness of motion picture filming.
The departure to Riga is in the evening.

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